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Vita-Shot Lounge

Elevate your health and unlock your body's full potential at our Vita-Shot Lounge. Each of the nutrient injections is designed to provide your body with the essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants it needs. A quick injection gets these vital nutrients directly into your body where they can be used quickly and efficiently. Supercharge your well-being by boosting your natural metabolic processes to the levels you were born to have so you can get back to being... 
Simply You


Naturally occurring in the body and present in every cell of the body, NAD+ is essential for cell function and viability. NAD declines with aging so give your body a boost, it's like going back to your younger self. NAD+ is critical for energy (ATP) production, reduces inflammation, and important in the natural repair of DNA. Increase your energy, mental clarity and cognition; boost your cellular function and metabolism. Feel like you've turned the clock back and regain your youthful abilities with an NAD+ injection.

  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Boost metabolism
  • Enhance Cognition
  • Speed-up cellular function
  • Regenerates natural glutathione 
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Metabolize and burn off that stubborn fat with the lipotropic effects of our Lipo-Mino-Mix. A combination of 6 Lipotropics (fat burning) and amino acids, the Lipo-Mino-Mix facilitates the burning of adipose tissue (fat cells) which can result in some weight loss. An excellent option for reducing the pudge and for those with a just a few pounds to lose. 

  • Lipotropics (fat burning) PLUS Amino Acids

  • Increase Metabolism

  • Convert (burn) fat into energy

  • Improved cellular Function

  • Aids in energy production

  • Pre-purchase 3 injections get 4th  FREE

Vitamin D3

Winter blues got you down or a night shift worker who hasn't seen the sun since your last vacation? Whether you have a metabolic Vitamin-D deficiency or your relationship with the sun is non-existent, Vitamin-D is a necessary nutrient responsible for keeping our skin looking young, bone health and impacts our happiness & mental health. By replenishing this vital nutrient by injection, you can boost your Vitamin-D levels faster and more efficiently than by oral vitamins. 

  • Anti- Aging

  • Improve Bone Health

  • Reduce Vitamin-D Deficiency

  • Improve mental happiness

  • Recent lab draw indicating low  Vit-D blood level required before receiving. 

Vitamin B12
  • Aids in energy production

  • Improves mood

  • Speed up recovery from illness

  • Increase Red Blood Cell Production

  • Helps with cellular metabolism for weight loss

Elevate your energy and sharpen your focus with B12.

Vitamin B12 helps with cellular metabolism which can improve weight loss, reduce recovery time from illness, and increase red blood cell production. 

Give your body and your brain the extra boost you need to get through the week and over whatever ails you. 

  • Available as IV infusion add-on or as Intramuscular injection.




  • Anti- Inflammatory

  • Migraine and Headache Relief

  • Non- Narcotic Pain Relief

  • Excellent for Muscle Injuries

  • Most Effective Pain Relief for Kidney Stones

A powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID),

ketorolac is the go to for relief of pain

without narcotics.

Excellent for kidney stones, muscle & joint injuries, and migraines. 

  • Available as IV infusion add-on or as Intramuscular injection.

  • Should not receive if other NSAID (ex: ibuprofen, Aleve) taken within 6 hrs 


Pre-Purchase and Save! 

Buy 3 of the Same Injection get the 4th FREE

Same Day Appointments Available

Please TEXT the office at 385-449-2110 for same day appointments 

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